There Goes the Neighborhood

A film by Angelique Molina

US | 2016 | 27 minutes | Color | DVD | English | Order No. 191239

In View Park, California, an extended African-American family experience demographic changes and reflect on their shifting community


THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD intimately follows an extended Black family of View Park, California as they experience demographic changes due to gentrification and reflect on their shifting community. View Park is the largest Black middle-class neighborhood in the country. Adele Cadres is a longtime resident and mother of three who gives us insight into the history of the neighborhood. Her eldest daughter Ayana Cadres raises her biracial children with the hopes that they foster the utmost respect and reverence for the Black community she grew up in. Adele’s youngest daughter, Aida, struggles to find an affordable home in the neighborhood due to increasing property value. As the family and other residents reflect on the history and culture of their neighborhood, they debate the issues of maintaining a changing community.


"The film was masterfully directed, beautifully shot, and left me as an audience member filled with empathy, curiosity, and perhaps most importantly, humility."


  • San Diego Latino Film Festival
  • New Orleans Film Festival
  • Pan African Film Festival
  • Los Angeles Film Festival
  • NorthWestFest
  • Langston Hughes African American Film Festival
  • American Documentary Film Festival


Angelique Molina

Angelique, an LA native, spent her time as an undergraduate student studying Child and Adolescent Development at San Francisco State University. Upon graduating, she dedicated much of her time to a local art collective and photography classes. Inspired by visual storytelling, she moved back to Los Angeles to pursue a career in filmmaking. After working as a production and camera assistant she to applied to the University of Southern California, where she studied to become a cinematographer and director. While attending USC she shot and directed multiple short films ranging from the documentary HOMEGIRLS to the Student Academy Award nominated, fictional drama, AMELIA'S CLOSET. She is currently working on extending her short film THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD into a television docuseries. (5/19)


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